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27th April 2005

5:28pm: ge'oijsdfgioj54asudf9u98uj34taiodghjeart

I'm still alive.
I don't know who most of you are.
A good number of people have already taken me off their friends list.


Someone call me sometime.

5th February 2005

3:49pm: In case anyone missed it the first time:

21st January 2005

3:10pm: I've moved over to TypePad (aka, the people that just bought LiveJournal). I'm sure some of you can figure out the direct link to my place over there. I'm still trolling around here, checking out my friends' list and making comments when applicable. Otherwise, see ya...

2nd December 2004

12:22pm: Goodbye.

4th November 2004

12:14am: Okay, I need to address something.

Yes, Bush won last night. Yes, I'm happy about it. No, I don't fear a draft. Why?

BECAUSE THE DRAFT LEGISLATION WAS WRITTEN UP BY TWO DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, YOU FUCKING INBRED MONGOLOIDS!!! For the love of fucking CHRIST open a newspaper once in a while. It takes thirty Goddamn seconds to do any kind of research, and the fact that you fucking hippie liberal communist pieces of shit are ramming this scare tactic down the throats of the American people is, without a doubt, the most underhanded, dirty politicking of the campaign.

I also love the "Well, I can kiss my reproductive rights goodbye! Roe v. Wade; once Bush can stock the Supreme Court with favorable justices, I'll have to use a coat hanger." Oh really? Why's that? Because Bush won?

SEVEN OF THE NINE SITTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICES WERE APPOINTED BY REPUBLICANS!!! suihrthertiuhafgrt What the FUCK is wrong with you people!? Is it that hard to do any kind of research? Had you even heard of "The Presidency" prior to Bush coming into office? How could you not know this? All it takes is a simple fucking Google search to figure it out. Stop spreading lies. Start doing some reading.

Here's a few more facts for you, you overly paranoid fuckwits:
- Clinton sent more troops to foreign nations during peace time than all other previous Presidents COMBINED
- Bush's popular vote victory last night (by the way, anyone else notice how the liberals weren't screaming 'Popular vote!' last night?) was about 3.6 million - the largest margain in US history
- Bush lost PA by 120,000 votes, but won Ohio by 130,000 votes. So why did the media call PA so early, but refused to call Ohio until 12 hours after polls closed?
- Bush took 51% of the popular vote; the first President to do so since his father. That's right, even Slick Willie never broke 48%.

Because of this election, I know that my taxes will not go up, that Social Security (a program I detest, by the way), might actually still be around when I'm an old man, and that we will continue to have strong leadership and a strong military. Because Kerry was not elected, I know that he cannot try to raise my income tax any higher than it already is (hey assbag - not all of us can marry into $780 million, then skirt taxation laws like you), that Social Security will no longer be 100% dependant on public funding, and that our leaders will say "Fuck the polls, I need to do what I think is right".

Oh, look at Kerry's voting record, if you will.
- Voted to give Bush full reign on the war on terror
- Voted against a bill that would provide money for body armor for our troops.

Bush might be a bit loopy, wanting to send our boys to war, but at least he wants them to have a fighting chance of coming home alive.

Was Bush the best choice for our country? Absolutely not; I don't think anyone can debate that fact. However, between Bush and Kerry, you MUST vote for Bush. Aside from the painfully obvious (ie, changing leadership in the middle of a war is about the dumbest thing a nation could possibly do), you cannot put a leader in place who has never been a "leader" before. Being a Senator is fine and dandy, since your vote is one of 100. You can't hide behind your colleagues as President. Kerry wouldn't have been able to handle that, and would have done the unthinkable: Taken a poll before making ANY decision. Why is that bad, you ask? Do you want a leader to do what's popular, or to do what's right? Do you want a leader to make a decision and stand by it, or do you want him to make a decision, then change next week, then change back the week after that?

I'll leave you with two last thoughts:
1. Anyone who said "If Bush wins, I'm moving to Canada", then good. Get out, you fucking crybaby. "Waaaaaah! The one I want didn't win, so the system is flawed! The system works fine when the candidate I want gets elected , but waaaah! The rest of the nation is stupid. I'm right and they should vote the way I did! Waaaa!" Get off your high horse, suck it up, get an ounce of maturity, and cut the partisian bullshit. We were a nation divided over the election, and now we have to come together to fight the good fight and win this war. And if that's still not good enough for you, then here: Canadian Immigration laws. I figure since a majority of you are either too lazy or too fucking stupid to look up anything when it comes to the election itself, there's no fucking way you'll bother looking up emmigration laws.

2. You're upset about Kerry not winning? We just kept Teresa Heinz Kerry away from the White House for four years. We should declare this a national fucking holiday.

3rd November 2004

7:28pm: World Series and election updates coming soon.

25th October 2004

2:11am: I promised myself I'd do a World Series game report when I got home.

I just got home. I'm tired. Fuck off til later today.

12th October 2004

9:54am: My last show with B-0 is only ten days away. Be there.

Myke and Jeff's last show!
22nd of October at the Marblehead Community Center (10 Humphrey Street, Marblehead, MA):

Brilliant Zero
The Distant Collision
Aria Decline (from LA)
Sally Boy
The Winding Alibi

Show starts at 7pm. A mere $6.00 gets you in the front door. Bring your friends, relatives, lovers and neighbors.

7th October 2004

12:05am: Just a reminder for anyone who does the friends giving you tricks or candy things: Last time one of those circled around LJ, it was actually a spider taking your password. Just a head's up.

6th October 2004

10:29am: Niiiiiiiiiice.

If the Sox make it to the World Series, I'm going to Game 2.

28th September 2004

11:36am: For anyone wondering why my last entry was so cryptic, it's pretty simple. I decided to leave my band after an almost three year stint as the drummer. We have a show October 29th which I'm treating as my farewell. Whether the band will treat it as such, I don't know. But, it's gonna be a great show, regardless. Maybe I'll use my old kit that night and light it on fire at the end of the show.

26th September 2004

12:23am: Well, that was fun...

15th September 2004

9:29am: I have a new cell phone.

No, you can't have the number.

14th September 2004

10:21am: Okay...

I know people are obsessed with the Simpsons (I'm one of those people). I know people can take obsessions to new heights. However, I never thought I'd see anything like this:

Complete and thorough map of Springfield.

Click on the different sections of town. It'll really give you an idea as to the layout of the town.

13th September 2004

1:08am: Okay, we need to have some kind of aptitude test for people on Kazaa and Sharaza that are sharing porn vids. It's just a one question test, which would read something like this:

Can you label a movie a "Strip Tease" if the videos begins and the girl is not wearing clothing?

1. Yes
2. No

If you answer "Yes", Kazaa will send me a message, and I'll hire some goons to hunt you down and shoot you in the back of the head. Why is this a difficult concept?? "Stripping", by definition, means the girl is taking her clothes off. If there are no clothes to take off, no stripping can be done. For fuck's sake...

12th September 2004

12:20pm: I'm watching ESPN about marijuana use in the NFL. One former player said this:

"Yeah I used someone else's urine all the time. In fact, one time I ran out of clean urine. I called a girlfriend of mine, told her I needed a favor. She Fed Ex'ed me some urine. I failed that drug test though. Turns out, I was pregnant."

Nothing like hearing "I was pregnant" from a 310lbs defensive lineman.

10th September 2004


9th September 2004

3:04pm: An additional point to my last rant:

I had to pick between two very different candidates and decide who I wanted to vote with. Bush is both economically and socially conservative. Kerry is both economically and socially liberal. I'm economically conservative and socially liberal, so I had to choose which is more important.

Oops, I like money. Then again, I live in the real world and have a real job.
10:28am: So if my last message seems to have been met with mixed reviews. Let me explain further.

Kerry cannot win this election. There are too many outside factors that are going to hinder him, and quite a bit.

1. His wife: Yeah, I'm a sexist pig, but has Teresa been heard from since the DNC? Not really. The people in the party know that if she's allowed to shoot her mouth off without a system of checks and balances, she's going to say something along the lines of Quayle's "Potatoe" incident. She told a reporter to shove it, for fuck's sake. You don't do that in an election year.

Also, elections are all about appealing to the moderates/independents. Teresa is enough of an "X-Factor" to drive some of them away, especially males. Let's face it, a strong woman of power that speaks her mind scares the hell out of a lot of guys. Plus, women tend to vote liberal/democratic anyway, so she doesn't "need" to appeal to female swing voters - more than likely, they're already in her corner.

On the other hand, put a strong woman of power in an election as a Republican, and she'll win in a landslide. Not only are you getting all the old guard that are voting GOP, but you'll get a good 30-45% of the female liberals to jump ship, just to get "one of their own" elected.

In those last two paragraphs, replace "woman" with "black", "latino", etc... it's the same principle. The GOP will vote GOP regardless, and all of the typical liberal voters will jump ship to get one of their own in office.

2. His voting record: It's fine to go back and forth on issues when you're one vote in a hundred. A lot of Senators do this, especially in an attempt to build a certain rappore with other members of the Senate. Do we really want someone that can't make up his mind sitting in the oval office, where his voice is the one and only voice heard? Not really. You need to have someone who can take a stand, one way or the other.

3. The war in Iraq: First of all, anyone who is giving me this "BUSH LIED!" bullshit needs to start reading a credible news source. Not indynews or moveon or any other "news" organization that's actually a PAC. Bush did the best he could with the terrible intelligence information he had. His top advisors gave him bad advice (though, can you blame them? It's the first time the world has seen warfare like this, so it's not like they knew what to expect).

Now, let's look at what Bush had to work with:
- A stripped military budget (thanks to Slick Willie)
- A stripped down intelligence budget (again, Slick Willie with the Treasonous Sen. Toracelli)
- A Senate that voted to give him the authority to fight the war, but not the troops or funding to actually fight it

A lot of people are saying if they had the war to fight over again, they'd do it... with some changes (obviously). Cutting off the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, trying harder to get support from Iran, etc.

What's Kerry's position? "End the war and get the troops home." Yeah, great idea. But let's look at what this would actually accomplish:
- Pulling our troops out signals an end to the war. Without a rebuilt Iraq in place, we're pulling out with the job unfinished, which will only breed more resentment amongst the Iraqi people.
- Pulling our troops out signals an end to the war. As there is still an enemy to fight, we are admitting defeat. The shaky coalition government in place will last, at most, six months, before warlords take over.
- Not to mention the world view: If we leave, the world's reaction will be a resounding "Look at the war you couldn't win. We told you so. You're not so tough." Uh oh, there goes our credibility in the world stage. Time to beat the hell out of Haiti to flex some muscle. Oh wait, Clinton already beat us to that.

(Speaking of Clinton, look at his troop movement numbers. Think Bush is a warhound? Clinton moved more troops during peace time than all other previous Presidents combined.)

4. Na-Der! Na-Der! Na-Der!: That pesky sonuvabitch is back. In the past, he was running as a "Green Party" (read: Communist without the messy "C" word attached) candidate. Now, he's just running to be a dick. Oh well. There used to be a site called republicansforralph.com, but it's been taken down. It's a shame, too... made some interesting points.

Nader isn't nearly as popular this year as he was in 2000. I don't know if it's the lack of party money behind him, or if the liberals smartened up and realized that dividing their votes between Gore and Bush cost them in the past. But, his 1-3% may be enough in some key swing states to take the votes away from Kerry and swing the state over to Bush. Do we need to re-do this whole electoral college thing? Absolutely. Until then, these are the rules we're playing by. Better get used to the idea.

(A lot of people want to see the idea of an electoral college kept, but ditch this "winner-take-all" mentality in the states. So, if a state has 100 electoral votes, and Bush gets 60% of the vote in that state, Kerry gets 35%, and Nader gets 5%, then Bush would get 60 electoral votes, Kerry 35, Nader 5. Not a terrible idea, in my eyes. We cannot do a simple majority rules/popular vote thing. That would give New York, Texas, Florida and California about 90% of the say in the election).

5. California: It went to Gore last time, with Gov. Grey Davis giving him a lot of support. Now, it's Arnold's land, and he's running away with about 65% approval. I don't see him dropping 15 or more points in 2 months. I just don't. Plus, I think the people of California are sick of being taxed into the ground. Kerry has already proposed $2,000,000,000,000 in new spending (by the way, did anyone notice that he gave absolutely no indication as to how he plans on paying for it?) They already have outlandish prices on land and rent, sales tax is 8% or so, income tax is about 14% (I think... too lazy to look that up). I think the people in Cali are finally going to say "Enough is enough" and tell Kerry he can use Teresa's money to pay for his ideas. There's 53 electoral votes up for grabs, and Bush has a damn good lock on them.

Let's see if I can crush some nay-sayers before they pop up.

- Bush is pro life and will ban abortions! I loved hearing that in 2000. It's four years later and people can still have abortions. Seven of the nine sitting Supreme Court justices were appointed by Regan and Bush Sr, and they didn't touch abortion. It's political suicide to go after abortion, and Bush knows it. Let the courts handle it.

- Bush is anti-gay marriage! Yes, he is. And yes, it pisses me off, too. Unfortunately, about 60% of the nation agrees with him. Probably not enough to get the Amendment he's looking for, but enough to cause some people some problems.

- Bush is an idiot! No, Bush is a bad public speaker. One of the worst, in fact (then again, look who he's following. I hate Clinton... I would have loved to see that piggly sonuvabitch die on the operating table, but he really is the best used car salesman who ever lived). But he's no idiot. Yale grad, Havard Business School grad, plus he has an entire political family to lean on when he needs help/support/advice. He has the education and the resources to fall back on when problems arise.

What'd I miss?

5th September 2004

2:37am: Ugh.

That's it.

I'm voting Republican.

31st August 2004

12:31am: I have GMail invites. Leave a comment (with name and current e-mail address) if you want one.

16th August 2004

10:47am: By this time next week, I'll be in Las freaking Vegas. How jealous are you?

11th August 2004

11:26am: Having a bad day?

5th August 2004

1:26am: It's my birthday.

Send the love.

26th July 2004

6:05pm: Life doesn't get much better than these:

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